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If you are a job seeker, agency worker, or contractor and have experienced any of the following issues please contact SAFERjobs who can help find the right support for you, for free: possible fraud, misconduct, unfair treatment, criminality, or abuse. If you are not sure whether or not to contact us, do anyway as we are always keen to hear from people looking for jobs or working in the recruitment sector.

Job Scam Advice

Top Tips for Candidates working with Recruitment Agencies

When choosing a recruitment agency to find you either temporary or permanent employment there are a number of things to consider. Will the agency work hard to find a position that suits your skills a...

The Best Way to Avoid Job Scams? Use a Reputable Recruiter.

Job scams are not restricted to the recruitment industry, they occur wherever there is a job seeker a job. This point is often forgotten as people have associated job scams with the recruitment indust...

What information should you include on your Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an overview of your basic personal details, employment/academic history, including any qualifications gained, and is primarily used by employers to screen the suitability...

Ben Howlett MP Launches SAFERjobs Recruitment Framework at Parliament

Last year, over 700,000 job hunters reported losing more than £500,000 in alleged fraud – and in just two years, there’s been a 300% rise in job scams.

Thousands of people affected by online job fraud

Online job fraud now affects thousands of people in the UK every year – with the average scam costing the victim around £4,000.

Young people most defrauded jobseekers in Britain

Get Safe Online, Safer-Jobs and Action Fraud are warning young people to take precautions whilst looking for jobs online, to avoid falling victim to scammers.

Where else can I find help?

Working with Recruitment Companies

When working with recruitment agencies, check they are a member of 1 of the 3 main trade associations listed below. For complaints about the conduct of any member refer to the relevant association or report to us at SAFERjobs.

Reports to SAFERjobs about recruitment companies where unlawful practice is suspected will also be shared with the Employment Agencies Standards Inspectorate, part of the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS).

Job Boards

Job boards do not have an association as such, but any issues can be reported to the Citizens Advice Bureau or here at SAFERjobs and we will address these with the relevant parties. If a job board is suspected to be acting as a recruitment agent this will also be shared with the Employment Agencies Standards Inspectorate, part of the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS).

Pay and Rights

For information on unpaid wages and employment issues visit the ACAS website or call 0300 123 1100, or contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau office via

Contractors can also find help at the FCSA ( who are a trade association for professional employment service providers (umbrella, accountancy, payroll). 


How to Spot a Fake Job on Craigslist online

Craigslist, when used cautiously, can be extremely helpful for finding all sorts of things, like bicycles, roommates or even employment.

Top Tips for Companies working with Recruitment Agencies

Hiring a recruitment agency is generally a cost and time-saving option for recruiting staff. But how do you choose a reputable agency that will meet your business needs and adhere to your company policies and ethical terms of business?


Asked to Pay for a Criminal Record Check? Make sure it isn't a fraud...

Have You Been Asked to Pay for a Criminal Record Check? How do you Know it's Not a Criminal Asking? SAFERjobs ( are a non-profit, joint law enforcement organisation campaigning against UK job fraud and protecting job seekers.

SAFERjobs by TABSInfoNation

SAFERjobs is a voluntary, non-profit organisation which works in partnership with the Metropolitan Police, National Crime Agency, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).