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SAFERjobs Report Helps Ensure Money Back for defrauded Job Seekers

Reports to SAFERjobs this year from job seekers who were scammed into paying upfront for training not required for the job, or where no job existed, has led to the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills (BIS) successfully obtaining refunds for job seekers. 

Several job seekers were defrauded of around £1000 as part of their job search by two UK-based recruitment agencies. Job seekers reported these cases through to SAFERjobs who worked with the recruitment industry trade associations, law enforcement, and the Employment Agencies Standards Inspectorate (part of BIS) to resolve the issue. After discovering that neither agency were a member of any recruitment trade association, SAFERjobs reported the matter to the Employment Agencies Standards Inspectorate who successfully carried out action to ensure money was recovered.

SAFERjobs Chair, Keith Rosser, said the news "shows the commitment of SAFERjobs, the recruitment industry, and our regulators to tackle bad practice and make the industry a safer place for job seekers. Whilst the majority of the industry has very good systems and practices in place, the actions of a small minority of companies can negatively affect the reputation of the whole industry." 

For further advice on avoiding job scams please visit, if a victim of fraud report to SAFERjobs and Action Fraud and help make the industry a safer place.
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